You missed it, you wanted it, we WILL deliver it!
The factory with the full on fear is back and stuff just got real!
Doncaster Fear Factory is returning in a new home with all new excitement and ways to terrorise you!

How about 2 brand new scare mazes to explore? In fact forget that, let’s make that 3 brand new mazes! You know what, let’s throw in 2 full on scare zones to try and get through as well. Add into the mix roaming characters, street theatre entertainment, food and drink, music and that Halloween vibe you love and expect. We have it all and more besides so what are you waiting for? Get those tickets booked to secure your place right now.

The fear is ramped up to 11, the horror is in your face and those niggling questions about if you will make it through to the end are already racing around your head. You are just a few clicks away from being part of the biggest and most anticipated reforming since Take That welcomed back Robbie Williams, click below to make sure your part of the action!

We will be releasing more details over the next few months, so follow us on social media to get the lowdown as it happens!